Magical Blogorail - Disney Resolutions

Welcome to the first stop aboard Magical Blogorail Black. Enjoy the ride as we share with you our Disney Resolutions for the New Year!

It's fun to think about resolutions or goals that involve Disney! My resolutions won't be completed this year, because our next trip isn't until January or February of 2013, but I'm going to list some things that I eventually want to do/experience in general!

-I can't wait to walk down Main Street USA with Liam for the first time! Evy had such a memorable reaction when she saw it for the first time, and I know Liam will just be in awe. He'll be 2.5 years old at that point, so it will be a fun age! 

-I'm really looking forward to my side of the family going to Disney again together on this next trip. The last time we went together was 2005, and we are way overdue for a trip! I love the dynamic of traveling with a bigger group at Disney just as much as I love a small group. 

-Eventually, a goal I have is to eat at the new Beauty and the Beast restaurant! I'm not sure when that particular phase is slated to be open, but I know it will be spectacular.

-I would really enjoy doing one of the backstage tours that Disney offers. On the next trip that Kurt and I take alone to WDW, I think we'll definitely be doing this. 

-I'd like to try more snacks in WDW. Since we haven't done the Dining Plan before, we haven't tried that many, and it's something I'd like to do.

-My husband and I have had wonderful dining experiences in Epcot, and I'd like to cross more off of my list like England, Morocco, and Italy. 

-Even though I take HUNDREDS of pictures every time we're in the World, I always wish I had photographed more details of the Parks. I'm usually focusing on taking pictures of us as a group or my daughter, but I always come home wishing I had more glimpses of what makes Disney....Disney. That's a goal I can definitely achieve on our next trip! 

-At some point a goal of mine is to start looking more for Hidden Mickeys. I think this is such a fun aspect of the Parks, and I can imagine this would be really fun once my kids are older, and we can make it a family activity together! I love anything that makes each trip unique and different to WDW, and this would give us things to really hunt for.

-I've never seen the Festival of the Lion King in Animal Kingdom, so I would love to check it out! This might be able to happen on our next trip, depending on our schedule. 

I'm excited about these little goals! Making a list gives you fun things to look forward to, even when your trip is a year away (like ours is!). It gives me a little boost to start planning, and I know our next visit to WDW will be extra special no matter what - it will be filled with family and fun!

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