Our Dining Plans!

The meals for our next Disney trip are PLANNED! And it wasn't without a lot of analysis, sleepy visits to the Disney website (to book at 6am), etc. and a stroke of good fortune. Here's the lineup!

Arrival Evening
Since I'm not sure what time we'll all arrive at the World, I'm leaving this open. If any of us are there, we'll probably go roam around Downtown Disney!

Day One - Magic Kingdom

Lunch: Be Our Guest (Quick Service)
Yes, Be Our Guest (part of the new Fantasyland expansion) is going to be open starting in November! The best thing about this restaurant (in my opinion), is that it will offer Quick Service during the day, and turn into Table Service at night! That way, if you can't get a dinner ADR (which I didn't think I was going to), you can still experience the restaurant atmosphere as Quick Service. I'm so excited to try this new experience. Apparently, even thought it's QS during the day, servers will still bring your order to you on "real" plates (no paper!). Can't wait to see how this goes!

Dinner: Chef Mickey's (Contemporary Resort)
This will be a first for us! I really want the kids to experience meeting some characters in a more relaxed environment, and Evy has been dying to try Chef Mickey's since we saw it featured on TV. It's a quick Monorail ride from the Magic Kingdom to the Contemporary, and I think it will be a great change of scenery. Also, a buffet is ALWAYS a good thing for us - no waiting for food!

Day Two - Epcot

Lunch: Sunshine Seasons (The Land)
This will also be new to us. Sunshine Seasons receives overwhelmingly positive reviews in everything I've read, and it's mostly because of the range of fresh options. Since we're a group of 9 people, I think it will be great to have a "food court" type of situation, but all of the options are fresh (salads, wraps, etc.).

Dinner: Akershus Royal Banquet Hall (Norway Pavilion)
We are returning to Akershus! Evy absolutely LOVED it last time, and I thought the atmosphere was great. The appetizer buffet will allow us to instantly get food, and it's a more spacious feel than Cinderella's Royal Table. It will be my family's first time to eat here, so I think they'll enjoy trying some Norwegian food!

Day Three - Hollywood Studios

Lunch: 50s Prime Time Cafe
Another return trip! My family ate here way back in 2005, and our family ate here on our last trip in 2011, so it's a fun repeat. The food and atmosphere is so fun!

Dinner: Pizza Planet (Quick Service)
Liam is HUGE into Toy Story right now (and probably still will be when we go!), so I can't wait to take him to Pizza Planet. Even though it's QS, the atmosphere is fun. It's also quick and easy, and I know Liam will especially love this.

Extra: Le Cellier (Canada)
This is an "extra" ADR I made. Kurt and I enjoyed Le Cellier so much on our last trip alone (2010), and I'd love for some of my family to be able to go. I made the reservation for later in the evening (once the kids are in bed with my mom at the hotel), and whoever wants to go back to Epcot for a meal in Canada is welcome to join us! I think this will be a fun option, and it will be our first time to try an "extra" meal. This probably means we'll skip out on Pizza Planet earlier to save room for the YUMMY cheese soup at Le Cellier!

Day Four - Magic Kingdom/Recap Day

Lunch: Pinnochio's Village Haus or Pecos Bill (Quick Service)
Pinnochio's Village Haus is a tradition for my family (we always wave at Small World riders), but Kurt and I discovered Pecos Bill on our last trip. It's a good value, and I think my family will love the taco bar (you can pile on as many toppings as you wish!).

Dinner: Be Our Guest (Table Service)
Yes....I GOT A COVETED RESERVATION! The original plan was Cinderella's Royal Table for our final meal at Disney World, but I really wanted to try and get an ADR for Be Our Guest. I tried calling all day when they opened up the lines, but to no avail. Then, several days later, I randomly got online and typed in what I was looking for (on a whim). And guess what? There it was - an opening for 9 people on the night I wanted, at the perfect dinner time! I was floored! I can't wait to experience Be Our Guest as a Table Service restaurant!

I am really excited about our reservations, and I think it's a good variety. We'll also be getting to try some new things, which is always fun! I can't WAIT until our trip!

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