Miscellaneous Tip - Epcot

I was going through some notes that I made after our trip to Disney in January. This is important, as there's NOTHING written about this in any guidebook:

We got ZERO cell phone service in "The Land" building at Epcot. Especially down on the lower level where the "Soarin'" ride is!

This is SO, SO important to note, because if your party splits up, or you're trying to meet each other at Soarin', or you need to give the rest of your party their Fastpasses, etc., you WILL NOT be able to contact them by cell phone (at least we weren't). This made for a very frustrating few minutes as we tried to think of how we could find each other in the very large building that is The Land.

Make plans to meet OUTSIDE of this building. Pick a landmark (I believe ours was near The Sea with Nemo and Friends) nearby and meet there. It will save you a lot of headache!