When You Wish Upon a Star: Last Day at Disney

These are the last of the Disney pictures! I know it was a lot to look through, but I'm so glad I have this blog as a way to remember such a wonderful trip. When I get around to it, I'm going to be doing some more in-depth posts about details of the trip, how we did Evy's schedule, etc. on my Disney blog. Stay tuned for that.

This was our last day at Disney, and we decided to spend it at Magic Kingdom!

Dumbo again :)

Peter Pan again :)

Small World again....I literally lost count of how many times we went on this ride!

...but it was so worth it!

Next, we went to Mickey's Toontown Fair to visit Mickey and Minnie's houses. Evy LOVED Minnie's house because it was interactive!

We rode the train and it was beautiful weather!

We watched Princess "Jassim" from afar--so exciting!

Kurt and I had said before the trip that we needed to get Evy a Jasmine doll (they're hard to find here in local stores) because she loves her so much. We were able to find one and surprise Evy with it right after she rode the Magic Carpets of Aladdin ride--just like "Jassim." She was so excited!

The last thing Evy did in Magic Kingdom was watch the show in front of the Castle. Before it started, she was talking to Jassim very earnestly about something.

The show has started!

Look! It's all of my favorite people and characters!

The Princesses, Mickey and Minnie, etc....pretty much the ultimate.

Evy had the best seat in the house!

Little details I never want to forget.

Mrs. Pam and Mr. Randy took Evy back to the hotel for a nap, and Kurt and I had a wonderful afternoon date in Magic Kingdom, just the two of us!

There are times on Disney vacations when you just sit, people-watch, take in the small Disney details, and just breathe. Kurt and I make a point to do this every time, and I call them "Premium Moments" because Kurt always gets a Mickey's Premium Bar! They're times I cherish.

Of course we had to see Carousel of Progress:

Here we are on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. HARDCORE.

Details on Main Street.

Another Premium Moment: we stopped into Main Street Bakery to enjoy the scenery and a snack.

We got to hear the Dapper Dans. Love them!

Pretty shadowboxes in a gift shop.

We LOVED hearing the Main Street Philharmonic. It was our first time to hear them!

We stopped into La Chappeau to get our second child a pair of his/her own Mouse Ears! This man and his wife work together in the shop and were so incredibly excited for us about the adoption! They just couldn't stop congratulating us. It meant the world!

We love you, Little One!

We stopped in Town Square to watch a little-known daily event, the flag lowering ceremony.

Every day, the flag is lowered and given to a soldier or veteran. This was the soldier that was honored, and it was so special!

My last view of the Castle (until next time!):

Minnie and Roy:

We got back to the hotel, and someone had just woken up from a nice nap:

We went downstairs for dinner in the hotel with Sassy Pants.

My beautiful nephew, Josh:

We wanted to get a picture of Josh and Evy together in their Disney outfits. I'll let you look at a few attempts (I have a million more outtakes on my computer!):

Evy and her Aunt Jen Jen:

Kurt's twin brother, Kelly, his wife Jennifer, and Josh:

Evy loved the pianist in the lobby! He was playing Disney music, and she was just so interested.

Soon, the pianist noticed Evy (who was twirling, dancing, and singing) and Josh. He got tickled at them! However, he kind of had a Pied Piper affect. Not kidding. Within a few minutes the scene went from this......

......to THIS:

The pianist was such a good sport and told me how much he loved watching Evy. He was so nice (and talented!):

And here it is.....the final picture from our vacation to the Happiest Place on Earth!

We cherish the memories we made and can't wait to go back as a family of FOUR someday!