You Can Fly! Getting to Disney and Day One

Fair warning: these Disney posts will be LONG. There will be lots of PICTURES. And I'm so happy about it!

On the day we left for Disney, my parents came over to say goodbye. Dad kept Evy busy by having a tea party.

Each Princess was also given "soup."

We'll miss Gigi too!

Our little traveler ready to go!

A very excited family!

Evy was her adorable self in the airport:

And she did great on the flight!

We arrived safe and sound at the Grand Floridian.

Evy made herself at home in the kids area, with pint-sized furniture and classic Disney cartoons playing. This is the little song "A Cowboy Needs a Horse," which I loved when I was little. Little things like that make me so sentimental.

The next morning, we got to the Magic Kingdom bright and early!

As we were walking down Main Street for the first time, I heard a random mom start singing "I'm walkin' right down the middle of Main Street USA......" which is a song from Evy's favorite Disney Sing-Along! I stopped dead in my tracks and said "YOU TOO?!" and she smiled and said "It's all my kids watch!" Total Mom-connecting moment!

This is why you:
1. Hit Fantasyland first thing in the morning and
2. Come in January

Getting ready to ride Dumbo, Evy's very first ride!

She LOVED IT! While we were riding, I snapped pictures of the Fantasyland expansion. More on that later.

After Dumbo---the start of a great day!

Riding Winnie the Pooh:

Evy's all-time favorite ride was It's a Small World. She already knew the song from her Sing-Along, and she was just beside herself. I called my grandmother during the ride because I was so sentimental. It was my favorite ride as a baby and my parents and grandparents used to ride it with me over and over. :)

Thinking of our sweet baby in Korea! We love you!

Singing along to every word!

We met up with Kurt's two brothers and their families. Fun!

Saying hi to cousin Josh:

Mrs. Pam (Kurt's mom) took Evy back to the hotel for a good nap. Me, Kurt, and some others went to some attractions like the Hall of Presidents.

The park was starting to get crowded because of MLK Jr. weekend, so we went to Downtown Disney (where we always souvenir shop). This is my favorite store:

We went back to the hotel to pick up Evy and Kurt's parents for dinner.

Evy insisted on bringing her Ariel pajamas (?) :

Evy LOVED the window scenes on Main Street!

Waiting outside the Crystal Palace for dinner:

This began Evy's first character experiences. I had no idea how she would react. It was a HIT!!! She was absolutely beside herself with joy! These pictures all speak for themselves:

Kurt's twin brother Kelly, his wife Jennifer, and our nephew Josh:

This is Kurt's all-time favorite picture of the trip. Evy is being cuddled by Piglet and is THRILLED!!

I took Evy out of the restaurant a little early and took her to Fantasyland by myself. We rode Small World and Dumbo by ourselves. One of the most incredible moments of my life was riding Dumbo with Evy alone. "Wishes" fireworks was going on, and we happened to get on the ride right at the finale. I was riding high above Fantasyland, cuddling Evy (she was a bit leery of the fireworks), and watching the finale of spectacular "Wishes." Tears came to my eyes because it was too perfect. I will never forget it as long as I live!

Main Street USA at night!

Watching the Main Street Electrical Parade, a Disney classic.

When we got back to the hotel, Kurt's parents bought Evy a Pooh because she had liked the ride so much. I have never seen her treat a stuffed animal that way. She was coddling it and loving it like nothing I've ever seen! Too cute.

What a wonderful day!

More to come! :)

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