Is It Too Early?

We are planning our next Disney trip! Well. . .I'm planning it in my head. :) We're going to take a family trip with my family to Disney World in January or February of 2013. So we have about a year to go, but the way I look at it - I can start making our reservations this summer, so that makes me happy!

There's going to be the four of us (it will be Liam's first trip!), my parents, and three siblings. It might get a little tricky with my siblings' schedules, but I refuse to go during busy/peak season, and we had a fabulous experience when we went last January (with Kurt's side of the family). I know the weather can be a gamble, but I think it's worth the risk!

I've been thinking through what we want to do the same and what new things we'd like to try:

Keeping the Same:

-We will be flying again. It was awesome to have such a quick trip and the Magical Express shuttle at the airport was indeed magical!

-We will be taking our own stroller. I really enjoyed being comfortable with our stroller and being able to have ease of transportation while on the monorail, ferry, etc. Plus, with two kids, I want to keep them in the double stroller they're used to.

-We will be staying in the Grand Floridian again. We have been saving with this in mind, because to us, it's worth it to work hard and save the extra money for the WONDERFUL convenience of the monorail. It really makes a huge difference, and we're willing to pay a little extra. Thankfully, during value season it's not AS atrociously priced.

-We will be returning to eat at San Angel Inn in the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot. This is my dad's favorite Mexican food (and he's an expert with Mexican food!), so it will be fun to eat there again as a family.

-We will, without question, go immediately into Fantasyland upon the Magic Kingdom opening for the day. We had such a wonderful experience getting to ride all of the Fantasyland rides all in a row several times before people even figured out where Fantasyland was - ha! Definitely a good plan that we're sticking with.

-We will DEFINITELY be repeating a Princess character meal! Evy was just beside herself with joy when we went last January, and her Princess obsession has only grown since then. I'm not sure if we'll do Akershus or the Castle. Still trying to compare food choices, etc. Since I've eaten at both, and enjoyed both, I'm going to sit down and compare the menus and options in detail.

-We will be taking advantage of the Extra Magic Hours again!! This is when we had the most fun and enjoyed the most rides and attractions. We felt like the parks were empty and it was a blast. Again, it's a great bonus of staying at a Disney resort!

-I will definitely be packing Evy and Liam super cute outfits like I did for Evy last time! Most of them will be compliments of Kurt's mom, who can sew like nothing I've ever seen!

Doing Differently/New Experiences:

-We will avoid Martin Luther King Weekend! We had to go during this time last January because of some work schedules, but we noticed a definite increase in the crowds. We chose to leave Magic Kingdom on that Monday because it was just so crowded. Now, everything is relative. Compared to July, it was a breeze, but we just didn't want to fight lots of people, so we went to Downtown Disney for awhile. I really want our whole trip to be low-crowds on this next trip, so we'll avoid the MLK holiday.

-We won't repeat Crystal Palace. Even though Liam (and Evy) really enjoy Winnie the Pooh, it was really crazy crowded and kind of hard to maneuver.

-I want to try Chef Mickey's! We taped a show on TV called "The Best Places I've Ever Been," and several celebrities talked about their favorite Disney moments. One chef took his wife and daughters to Chef Mickey's. Evy LOVES to watch this show, and comments about Chef Mickey's all the time. Plus, I can't lie, the food looks reallllllyyyy good. I love good breakfast food, and Disney also really does buffets well.

-I think this will be the trip for Evy to do the Bibbiti Bobbiti Boutique for the first time! She will be at the perfect age (almost 4) and I think she will just be in heaven. Plus, we'll have numerous helpful hands from family members to help juggle the video cameras, Liam, etc. This is another thing Evy has seen on TV, and she just talks about it all the time.

-I think Evy will be more excited to see the fireworks this time - they scared her on the last trip!

-The most exciting thing is that this will be my family's first trip together since 2005, and hopefully a good portion of the Fantasyland expansion will be open! HOW FUN!

I'm sure I'll add to this list, but I love talking about the planning stage of a trip. It's one of my favorite things to do!

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