Walt Disney World in the 70's

My mom visited Disney World not long after it opened in 1971. Tonight I was thinking about what the World must have been like in those early years, and how much it's evolved since then. However, enough has remained the same to keep everyone sentimental. I believe that this was Walt Disney's genius: dancing between progress and nostalgia.

I found the special on YouTube highlighting the grand opening back in 1971 (it's in six parts):

And once you saw the special above, you would surely want to take a vacation to Walt Disney World, right?! This is what you would have seen on TV encouraging travel to the new World. The commercials have come a long way, right?

Here's another promo reel by Disney, featuring some great vintage footage:

And here were some fashion statements in the 70's:

Here's a great video of the now-extinct attraction, Mickey Mouse Revue. I had never seen or heard of this attraction, and I'm so glad I found this video! I'm a sucker for Audio Animatronics, so this is right down my alley!

Did you know that this same attraction was revived at Tokyo Disney?

Did any of you visit Disney in the 1970's?

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