Restaurant Spotlight: 50s Prime Time Cafe

We LOVE to eat at the 50's Prime Time Cafe in Disney Hollywood Studios each time we visit Disney World! We first visited this restaurant as a family in 2005. I was planning the trip for my immediate family (I hadn't met Kurt yet!), and I was drawn to the theming of this restaurant.

I have always felt like I should've been a 50's child/teenager, and this restaurant is like stepping into a time capsule!

In the picture below (from a trip in 2008), I'm fulfilling my dream of being in a retro 1950's kitchen! GOOD TIP: Even if you aren't eating at the restaurant, the lobby/waiting area has lots of great photo-ops that you won't want to miss! Like the kitchen below, the entire area is photo-friendly, and it's a great opportunity for good retro photo fun!

Another great "living room" setup for photos:

The lobby/waiting area of the restaurant:

50s Prime Time Cafe is a table service restaurant, and ADR's (Advanced Dining Reservations) are recommended. During low- and off-season, it's a bit easier to get reservations the week of your trip, but I ALWAYS recommend setting up your ADR's early!

The premise of the restaurant is super fun. As a guest, you're treated like "family" by the waitstaff. From the moment you're called for your table ("Smith Cousins, come and get it!"), you enter into a really fun scenario of playing pretend. Usually your server will pretend to be an aunt, uncle, or cousin, and they make sure you're enforcing those manners! You'll hear things like "No elbows on the table!" and "You better be eating more of your green beans that THAT!"

Another fun element is where you eat. If you're a smaller party, you might be seated at a table with a small built-in TV, that plays great reruns and clips of old shows. It's so fun to watch, and it really transports you back to that time.

The Prime Time features comfort food and old-fashioned favorites like fried chicken, meatloaf, and pot roast.
My favorite complement to my meal is always a cherry Coke, and I'm convinced their fountain drinks are just DELICIOUS! Be sure to try a milkshake, and pretend you're in an episode of Leave it to Beaver.

The 50s Prime Time Cafe will be a hit with your entire family. Be aware that there's often a lot of interaction between you and your server (depending on how engaging your server decides to be!), and this might be intimidating to some kids. Just make sure everyone knows that it's all in good fun, and enjoy the banter back and forth. If you embrace the jokes and the jabs, it makes for a really fun experience!

The Prime Time always fulfills my desire to step back in time and be a part of an era that I missed. It's a fun environment with really good food, and it's a sure hit for all ages!

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