A Whole New World : Disney Day Two

We went to Epcot on our second day at Disney World! Evy was excited on the monorail:

At The Seas with Nemo and Friends:

This is the moment---MEETING MICKEY!!!! We also met all of Mickey's pals. This was at the Epcot Character Spot, and Evy had an absolute fit she was so thrilled. These pictures speak for themselves!

We ate lunch at San Angel Inn in the Mexico Pavilion (my dad's favorite Mexican food--missed you, Dad!).

Kurt, his parents, and his older brother Cory:

I love Spaceship Earth, which is the ride that's in the giant Epcot ball. This is my favorite scene, the Renaissance:

Another scene I like---a modern 1960's apartment:

Kurt's older brother Cory and his wife Ashley on Spaceship Earth. They're expecting a little BOY on June 6th! YAY!

Me and Kurt on Spaceship Earth:

At the beginning of SE, they snap your picture to use in a little thing at the end. Kurt now loves to make faces everytime we go on the ride. I give you this picture:

We went back to the hotel to change clothes and recharge before the evening. Some pretty details in our hotel:

Mia was playing with Josh and Evy:

Evy was absolutely beside herself as we started talking about meeting the princesses. I'm really serious, she was just overwhelmed:

A view of our hotel on the way to the monorail station:

We met all of the princesses at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in the Norway Pavilion.

BELLE!!! I brought Evy's little dolls along as an ice breaker with each Princess and it worked great!

We LOVE this Aurora (Sleeping Beauty). Kurt and I saw her when we ate at the Castle in October. She is SO, so sweet. She was at another table, and Evy screamed "BOOTY!!!!" She turned and smiled--I could tell she thought it was cute (which it was!!).

Love this:

Showing 'Rella her matching doll:

We also knew Ariel from last October. She acts JUST like Ariel and is so cute!

"Poppins" was the last to visit our table.

Evy was interested in her gloves.

After the Princesses had all come to our table, Evy was just still overwhelmed from the experience. So overwhelmed that it affected her behavior--haha! She was just wild. Not in a disobedient way--she was just wild! Haha! I actually had to take her out of the restaurant (which I've never had to do) and walk her around in her stroller to let her decompress. Haha! Meeting the Princesses was just totally life-altering I suppose. :)

We decided to go back to Magic Kingdom because Magic Hours were about to start (the park stays open late just for Disney Resort guests). I always tried to end at Magic Kingdom for Evy because she loved it so much. While we waited for the monorail, I got Evy tickled:

We went back to Magic Kingdom and rode Small World as well as Dumbo again.

I rode Cinderella Carousel with my little girl and had the best time. I breathed in every minute! I hadn't ridden it in years and it was perfect to ride with Evy.

We were so thankful for another wonderful day!

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