Trip Preparations!

I have been SUCH a bad blogger lately! It MIGHT have to do with the fact that we're in full-swing adoption mode and just completed our homestudy! YAY! To read more about our adoption journey, click here. Now that we have finished the homestudy, I can move on to the next big thing which is OUR TRIP! We are so excited to take Evy to Disney World for the first time. Here are some tidbits:

-I've been collecting little toys and knick knacks at the Dollar Store, Target, etc. to entertain Evy on the plane ride(s). I'm hoping that between these toys and the DVD player, we should be okay and survive. I think the biggest fear I have is being on this airplane with a bunch of people and not having a way out if I need it (with Evy, I mean). I've never been afraid to fly, but for some reason have my child on board with me is giving me the heebs. Oh well, I know it will be fine!

-We've been "practicing" with the DVD player and headphones. I knew that the airplane was NOT the time to introduce headphones to Evy, and we've had several successful trial runs at home. See?

-I've already mapped out our strategies, since it's totally different going with an almost 2-year-old! I'm excited for this new challenge and will give FULL reports once we're back. OH--and I have my new camera to document everything! Trust me, that camera is going to around my neck the ENTIRE TIME.

-We are so excited to see Kurt's whole family on the trip. What a fun time it will be!

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