It's Finally HERE

Tomorrow, bright and early, we're headed to my favorite place on earth--Disney World!! I've been counting down for exactly 6 months, so this has been a long time coming. Kurt and I are so excited to have this time together.

Tonight I took Evy over to my parents' house (just so it's easier getting ready for church tomorrow). I rocked her and put her to bed (after kissing and cuddling her for, oh, a solid hour). Then I went home and started sobbing my eyes out. My heart is just tugged out of my chest when I'm not with my little girl. I just adore being with her all day, every day. I know perfectly well that she will be pampered like a QUEEN the entire time, and both of her grandmothers will lavish her with love and attention. Also, I know that it's healthy for Kurt and I to get away, just for some quality time. Now that I've had my good gut-wrenching cry, I think I'll make it!

My house is being stayed in and cared for, which makes me feel good. I know that the week will go by quickly (which is a good and bad thing!). We can't wait to visit the Happiest Place on Earth, and I am SO EXCITED to take Evy back in January!

I'll see you in a week! :)


Classic Disney : The Parent Trap Houses

I LOVE the blog "Hooked on Houses," where you can always get your "house fix." Julia does an awesome job of writing about celebrity homes, movie sets, etc. I LOVE IT.

Julia wrote a post about the homes used in the original Disney movie "The Parent Trap," starring Hayley Mills. The ranch home in this movie is one of my favorite homes of all time. I was absolutely overjoyed when Julia featured it!

CLICK HERE to read the post!


Officially Checked-In!

Well, I just completed our online check-in for our VERY QUICKLY approaching Disney trip! This was the first time I did online check-in. I honestly didn't know it existed until recently. All I had to do was enter my confirmation number, confirm that the credit card on file was the one we wanted to use, and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Very easy! This means that when we arrive at the hotel, all we have to do is show photo identification at the front desk, and that's it!

This will come in really handy, because our flight gets in around 3:45 PM in Orlando, and we have reservations at Narcoossee's (at the Grand Floridian, our hotel) at 5:35. After we eat, we'll head over to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!

I have to be honest--we're not Halloween people. But when we were at Disney in October 2008, we were leaving the park as the Party was beginning, and I was always curious about it. If nothing else, it's a chance to ride more rides! We aren't dressing up in costume, simply because it'll be a quick turn-around from traveling to getting into the park!

We can't wait for our trip, and I think it will be the PERFECT getaway for us. The countdown is officially on!


Disney Wardrobe, Fall 2010

My husband and I will leave for The World in 18 DAYS!!!! We are so excited!

I knew I needed some pants to wear for this trip, since I was pregnant the last time we went! Here's what I'm planning to pack for our Fall Disney trip:

I only take about 2 (maybe 3 just in case) pairs of pants that I know fit well and will be comfortable. My biggest rule: NO DENIM!!!! It rubs against your legs and I really don't think it's comfortable for that much walking. My capris are cotton and/or athletic material. Then I take several types of shirts so I can adjust according to the weather. I recently bought two pairs of capri pants, and they were 70-80% off because it's the end of the summer season! One pair is brown from Old Navy, and the other pair is a dark purple, which I got from JC Penney (the styles below are similar to what I purchased):

I'm also taking plain, cotton short- and long-sleeved T-shirts. These are great because they're thin enough to be comfortable under jackets (if need be), and they're a breathable material if it gets warm.

When we went to Disney in October 2008, it was very mild (and even on the warm side) most days, but one day it was COLD! This proves that you always need to take several different types of pieces so you can layer according to the weather. I'm taking a fleece jacket and one turtleneck (it SAVED me on the last trip!) just in case! (My style of fleece jacket has a full zipper in front so it's easy to take on and off).

For interest, and if the weather allows, I'm bringing one or two fun scarves this time around. I personally like to look pulled-together, even at a theme park! It makes the outfit a little cuter, and it's easy to take off if it gets too hot or it gets in my way.

I've learned that tennis shoes are absolutely the best shoes to wear at Disney. I've worn all types of shoes over my different trips, and they're not always the cutest, but my feet never hurt (even while pregnant last time!). I'm wearing no-show socks. It makes tennis shoes look a little more polished. =)

That's a good overview of what I'm taking for our fall trip! If you have any questions for what to wear on your Disney trip, I can give it my best shot to help out! :)