Our Upcoming Trip!

I know it's been awhile since I've written, but I was really sad about losing my camera at Disney World a couple of months ago. I lost all of the pictures, and I needed to grieve---ha! Thankfully, due to my wonderful husband, my Christmas gift was a NEW Canon Rebel t2i camera!

I can't WAIT to capture all new memories when we go to Disney World in January. Since it will be my daughter's first trip, we are just so excited. My sweet, talented mother in law is making Evy two outfits (I'll be sure to post pictures!) and I ordered her a few things from Etsy:

Fleece hats from this shop. I measured Evy's head, and according to the measurements, she needs an Adult Small. That's what I ordered, so we'll see how it fits!

This adorable little pillowcase dress came from this shop. I'm going to pair it with leggings and a turtleneck. This shop on Etsy had the most reasonable prices on pillowcase dresses (as far as having a cute stylish product as well). I just love it!

I knew I wanted a shirt with a monogram in the Disney font, and I found one at this shop. It will be perfect with leggings, and she already has the perfect red and white polka dot bow!

I've also been reading this new book:

This has already been an awesome read, because it's concise, clear information about traveling with a toddler/preschooler. It actually includes a LOT of the tips I give people while going to Disney World. There's also a coordinating website that helps in planning. I've really enjoyed this book, and highly recommend it!

It's been fun preparing for this trip, even amidst the busyness of the holidays. I booked our Magical Express shuttle from the airport, all our dining reservations are confirmed. I'll be doing a post soon about how I plan to make airline travel easier with Evy (being almost 2 years old). If you have any tips, PLEASE leave a comment or email me! I'd love your advice on this!

Disney---here we come!

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