Disney Fine Art

I absolutely love to look at Disney Fine Art. I liken it to looking at concept drawings for an architecture project, building expansion, etc. The artist takes the concept and paints a beautiful picture of what your feelings are when you experience the scene--not necessarily what your eyes actually see.

That's how I feel about Disney Fine Art. All that I love about Disney and the stories that have been told are represented in these beautiful works of art. Here are a few of my favorites.
So This Is Love by Harrison Ellenshaw

Waiting for Peter Pan by Harrison Ellenshaw

The Glass Castle by Peter and Harrison Ellenshaw

The Knighting of Pooh by Peter and Harrison Ellenshaw

Moments Away by Rodel Gonzales

Off to Home We Go by Peter Ellenshaw

Practically Perfect by Peter Ellenshaw

The Mystical Kingdom of the Beast by Peter Ellenshaw

I could look at these all day!


estrella said...

I love Disney too! These art pieces are amazing! Do have the link to the source?

hollie marie said...

My hubby & I just went on a trip to Disneyworld (my first visit back since high school!) and it was just wonderful!!!! We love it and want to go back ASAP!

runningwithsass.com said...

you could buy art on the disney wonder, and they even had an art auction. You would have loved it!