What to Wear : Looks for Little Boys

My last post was about Disney looks for little girls. Now it's time for little boys! This can be a little more challenging, because girls naturally want to dress up and be festive for the occasion. Sometimes boys take a little more convincing. But there are still some great options!

First of all, if your little boy refuses to wear "themed" clothing, maybe he could wear a special set of pajamas for the trip!

I LOVE the color scheme of this little T-Shirt! It's different, but still very "Disney." I think this is a must if I ever have a little boy!

Here are sibling shirts. A great way to get younger little boys to cooperate is for them to see their other siblings participating. Plus, this style is very simple and plain so it has more appeal to little boys.

This is perfect for a birthday!

Like I said in my previous post, iron-on appliques are the most cost-effective but provide a really cute look! Just iron on to the shirt of your choosing!

Costumes are also available for little boys. However, it might be an easier option to provide "accessories" which always them to wear a normal outfit but still get into the Disney spirit. This little Peter Pan hat is adorable!

Some boys want to jump all in and participate! This Peter Pan costume looks comfortable, which is key.
Peter Pan Costume

Here's another set of accessories. These are Cowboy Woody's, and this would also be cost-effective. If your little boy is wanting to dress up, pack your own jeans, shirt, and boots, and add this accessory pack. Be sure that everything is comfortable, and it's a good idea to limit "costume" time. I think accessories are a great option for little boys!

Cowboy Woody Accessories

Since "Pirates of the Caribbean" is all the rage right now, a pirate costume would be perfect. Little boys still feel "cool" and they will fit right in at Disney World.

Pirate Costume

***It has been recommended by some experts that for safety reasons, especially in a crowded place like Disney World, full name monograms shouldn't be used. However, I've seen children with their names on shirts often. If this concerns you, another option is to do just a one-letter monogram.***

There you have it! Proof that Disney dress-up is not just for little girls! Little Princes can look just as festive and charming! :)


Heather said...

I like this post! :)
I have a t-shirt that my great-aunt got my 17 month old when she was in Florida last month. It is a 24 month sized blue t-shirt with mickey and the gang on it. I love it but it fits him now and I'm not sure if it will when we go in September.
I'm going to take your suggestion and buy some t-shirts I like and get the appliques.

The Rudd Family said...

I love this stuff! Thank you so much for posting and putting it all in one spot for me! My kids would love every bit of this stuff. And we will most likely be there during (or right before) Creston's 5th birthday, so I'll have to get him a birthday shirt - LOVE the options that Etsy has! I may wait to order until fall to see how much they grow - I want to make sure I get the right sizes. This stuff is going to be perfect for our Disney trip!