What to Wear: Looks for Little Girls

We haven't taken our little girl to Disney World yet, but when we do, I know it will be hard to contain myself with the ADORABLE outfits!

When you visit Disney World, obviously comfort is key. My friend Sarah had a great idea: they let their little girls wear their costumes during the evening only. It gives them something to look forward to and it's less hassle for everyone!

I focused this post on girly items, and will do one for little boys soon! Here are a few suggestions and "inspiration" ideas for packing your next (little girl) suitcase to the World:

A great option is packing comfy shorts or leggings (depending on the weather), and if you're going to buy something "cutesy," make it a cotton T-Shirt. It still gives that custom, special look without being uncomfortable.

I love these little shirts with Minnie as the Princesses! The matching hairbow would be a must.

Custom Boutique Applique Princess Minnie T-Shirts
$24.99 (Add matching bow for $3)

Is this not the cutest thing for siblings!?

Tutus have become very popular and look adorable. Be aware that sometimes the netting can start to feel itchy, especially if you're going during a hot time of year. Great look for pictures, but be sure you take a back-up outfit in your backpack.

The easiest way to get a cute "Disney" look is through hair bows, bands, and accessories. I thought these little "Mouse Ears" clips were so creative!

Here's one of the great cotton T-Shirts I was talking about. You can pair it with just about anything, and your little one will be super comfy.

Here's a really cost-effective option: Iron-On Appliques! Buy your own T-Shirt (it doesn't have to be anywhere near expensive) and iron away. I've had a lot of success with iron-ons while making onesies for my little girl. You can't beat the price!

Minnie Mouse Iron-On Applique

The ultimate (and probably most popular) way to celebrate being in Disney World: dress like a Disney Princess! I wouldn't recommend going the whole day in costume. Reserve it for nighttime or a special character meal. I also recommend trying to find one that has a shorter skirt. Trains can get in the way, especially for little girls who like to walk around rather than stroll in the stroller. I advise buying a pre-made costume (as opposed to having one custom-made). It's less expensive, and you won't stress if something happens to the costume. These were several I found that have a higher-quality look but aren't expensive:

Cinderella Costume

Snow White Costume

***It has been recommended by some experts that for safety reasons, especially in a crowded place like Disney World, full name monograms shouldn't be used. However, I've seen children with their names on shirts often. If this concerns you, another option is to do just a one-letter monogram.***

Part of the excitement of a Disney Vacation (especially for a little girl) is dressing up and feeling like a princess. There's no better place than Disney World to dress as royally (and cute!) as possible. There are endless options to make adorable memories in!


The Rudd Family said...

Ok, this is extremely adorable and everything, but I don't have any girls! And all this is doing for me is making me want one and I don't need another baby right now. So, hurry....do the boy clothing post!

Jennifer said...

I think it is so adorable when you see the little girls that have gone to the Bibbiti Bobbiti Boutique and are wearing the outfit! If I am ever blessed with a little girl, I want to take her to do that one time!