I'm Wishing: Mother's Day

If I could give my Mom anything for Mother's Day, it would be a stay in the Cinderella Suite in the Magic Kingdom!

Here are the videos from a D23 Tour of the Suite. They're not "official" quality, as they were filmed by someone touring the Suite, but it's still such a fun view inside. Enjoy!

Mom, you deserve it! I love you so much!


Sonya said...

That would be an amazing gift!

Mallory said...

Awesome!! I really want to visit DW someday soon!

Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing this! I have a recurring dream that I somehow LIVE at Disney World and sneak into this suite. So in my dream I am somehow living at Cinderella's Castle in DISNEY WORLD by sneaking in every night and staying there. I don't know why no one else ever stays in the room in my dream, or how I get in, but I always wake up feeling extremely disappointed! lol...I tell my husband and he thinks I'm absolutely crazy. I tell him it just shows how much I love Disney World!