Our Dining Plans

Well, I have successfully reserved all of our ADR's for our October vacation!

Even I normally don't reserve this early, but we are almost 100% certain that Kurt will be able to get the week off in October that we want. Also, since this is a rare adults-only Disney trip, we wanted to try some nicer restaurants, which also means that they can be harder to get into. I told Kurt that I REALLY hope there's no glitch in him getting those exact days---simply because of the dining reservations!

Here's where we plan to eat. This will also give you an idea of how I "sketch out" our dining reservations and the plan of where we'll eat.

Arrive on Sunday, October 24

Dinner: Quick Service in Magic Kingdom. We'll be going to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party on this night, so we'll eat on the go!

Monday, October 25 (Magic Kingdom)

Lunch: Pinnochio Village Haus. I love watching It's A Small World while I eat--it's tradition!

Dinner: Narcoossee's at The Grand Floridian. I've never been, and we will be going back to the Magic Kingdom that night for Extra Magic Hours. (Image found here.)

Tuesday, October 26 (Epcot)

Lunch: Tokyo Dining. This is new for us, and we wanted to try some good, (close to) authentic Japanese food and sushi. (Image found here.)

Dinner: Bistro de Paris. This is upstairs from Les Chefs de France, where we have eaten before. Bistro is supposed to be more cozy and upscale. Also, I think the views will be beautiful at night! (Image found here.)

Wednesday, October 27 (Hollywood Studios)

Lunch: Quick Service.

Dinner: Sci-Fi Drive In. I've been here before, but Kurt hasn't! The theming is wonderful, and there's a variety of food. We have an early reservation because we want good seats for Fantasmic--we loved it last October!

Thursday, October 28 (Hop-Around Day)

Lunch: Quick Service in whatever park we're visiting!

Dinner: LE CELLIER in Epcot!!!! I set my alarm for EARLY on the day it was exactly 6 months out and nabbed a reservation! I was so excited. Le Cellier is a steakhouse in the Canada Pavilion. The main reason it's hard to get an ADR is because it's a small, intimate restaurant. We are so excited to try out Le Cellier! (Image found here.)

Friday, October 29 (Hop-Around Day)

Lunch: Quick Service in whatever park we're visiting!

Dinner: California Grill at Disney's Contemporary Resort. We've heard GREAT reviews about this restaurant--the views, food, and experience. I've always wanted to spend some time in the Contemporary, so this should be a great way to do it. Hopefully we timed the reservation right to see the fireworks in Magic Kingdom--they say the view can't be beat! (Image found here.)

We can't wait to experience these old favorites and create some NEW favorites!


Meghan said...

I am glad you were able to get all the reservation times that you were hoping for. I have one more quick question for you. Do you find that Magic Kingdom is less crowded at night time? I tried to find the answer online but couldn't really find anything for sure. Thanks.

Meghan said...

Oh one more thing I have been meaning to tell you...I think you should trademark your name "Mommy Mouseketeer". It is very catchy. :)

Heather said...

Narcoossees Is my favorite restaurant on property! Debbie is my fav server there. The almond crusted cheesecake is to die for and the fillet is so good. Bobby always gets the lobster! So excited y'all are eating here!

Jessica's Joys! said...

Narcoossee's is one of the best restaurants in Disney!! We go there every time we visit. The Surf n Turf is AMAZING and if you made the reservations for later in the evening on a fireworks night, it is perfect to watch the fireworks from! They turn the lights down and pipe the music through! so fun!! I am jealous... :)

Sonya said...

The California Grill at the Contemporary is very good! Only meal where I actually made it through all the courses! It was smart to book during the fireworks because it is a great view!

In college I spent a semester at WDW for an internship. One night the parents of the guy I was dating visited and we at the CG. We were both cast members so they set us back in a separate room. As the tables cleared out they weren't seating any additional people which was strange. Not long after the room cleared in walked Julie Andrews with her family! It was the best night ever!

Ashley said...

Meghan---I'm writing a reply to your question this evening!

Sonya---How AWESOME!! I would have died! How incredibly cool :) Thanks for the review of CG. We're so excited!

Leigh said...

You are so lucky!! We LOVE Le Cellier! It is the best!! I booked first thing in the morning on the first day that I could last time and I still couldn't get it! The Cheese Soup and the Pretzels are the BEST! We also LOVED Sci-Fi. I was hesitant because I am not a sci-fi girl and also I love Prime Time 50's Cafe so much, but we loved it too! And if you go to Animal Kingdom, we really enjoyed Flame Tree BBQ (quick service). I am so excited for you!! :)

Ashley said...

Food and Disney in one post - oh my! :) Alot of these are on my list of places to eat "someday". Will you do a series when you get back featuring each of the restaurants? I think you should! (please forgive the length of this comment, ha)
Ahh, Pinocchio's. :) I have never eaten at Narcoossee's.
Teppan Edo is one of absolute Disney/Epcot favorites. It is one of the few table service restaurant we have gone to multiple times. I just love Japanese!
I have never eaten in either of the restaurants in France. Will you be able to see Illuminations?
We ate at Sci Fi for the first time in February. The food seems pretty generic(same as the typical QSR but pricier) but the atmosphere is amazing! I had the grilled chicken sandwich and it was delish!
I LOVE Le Cellier! The food is marvelous and I just adore all the different breads they give you to sample. Yeah, love me some carbs. ;)
Last but not least, I haven't eaten at CG. Another on my list!