Disney Dining Plan Details

Hello there!
I've had a request for a list of the Disney Dining Plan restaurants for 2010. Here's a list of the participating restaurants and the category they qualify under.

CLICK HERE to see Disney's official "brochure" about the Dining Plan. The icons can be a little confusing, though.

CLICK HERE to see an easy-to-read chart listing all of the 2010 participating restaurants.

Here are a few of my favorites for each park:

Animal Kingdom: I haven't eaten in this park for ages, but I've heard Tusker House and Boma are excellent.

Disney Hollywood Studios:
-50's Prime Time (Comfort food and great atmosphere)
-Sci-Fi Drive-In (Kind of basic food but great environment)
-The Brown Derby (Upscale but great food and atmosphere)
-ABC Commissary is good for quick service.

-DO NOT MISS San Angel Inn in the Mexico Pavilion! They serve the BEST Mexican food!
-Le Cellier is supposed to be excellent but getting a reservation seems to be nearly impossible.
-Chefs de France is good, but a bit pricey.
-Really any of the quick-service options are good and serve authentic (but still edible for Americans) food.

Magic Kingdom:
-If possible, do NOT miss Cinderella's Royal Table! The atmosphere is just beautiful, and it really completes the Disney experience (in my opinion).
-Pinnochio Village Haus is a great quick-service restaurant. Get there early for lunch and sit next to the big picture window overlooking It's A Small World. So much fun!
-Tony's Town Square has good Italian food and a cozy atmosphere.
-I've heard that Columbia House and Pecos Bill Cafe are good quick-service options as well.

*Plan out how you plan to allot your given Dining Credits, then make your Advanced Dining Reservations. Again, having a plan is the key to a less stressful vacation. You don't want to be hashing out where you spend which credits in the middle of Main Street U.S.A. Trust me on this.

*Be aware that the Signature Restaurants use more than one credit, so plan accordingly. It might help to list out each family member, their credits, and how you're using them. It sounds stressful, but you are PREVENTING stress while in the parks! Of course you can always modify your plan, but at least begin with one.

*From what I've heard, you get the most out of the Dining Plan if you plan to eat a LOT of food. Otherwise, it's cheaper to go "a la carte" with your meals.

I hope you have wonderful meal times together at the World!


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