Disney Weddings: A Celebration

If you've read this blog for any length of time whatsoever, you know my complete love and obsession of all things Disney.
So you can imagine my complete excitement when several years ago it dawned on me that Disney must host weddings, honeymoons, and vow renewals.

Yes. Yes, they do.

And they are amazing. You choose from different packages, and it's just the most lovely website to browse.
You know, if I were ever going to get married again. And the only way THAT'S happening is in a vow renewal. I know Kurt and I will do one (if not more) vow renewal(s) in the future. I don't know if we'll actually do a full shebang at Disney...or if we'll just "honeymoon." It's fun to dream!

Little-known trivia fact: I thoroughly researched and was thisclose to booking a Disney wedding for myself when Kurt and I got engaged. I decided against it only because of the time crunch and it would have to be super small (and I have a relatively large family that I wanted to be there). But yes, I went through a phase where I ordered the free wedding planning DVD and watched it daily. Simply because I loved seeing two of my favorite things in one: Disney and weddings.

Here I am visiting the Wedding Pavilion in the summer of 2005, about a year before I met Kurt. We were there for our family vacation and my family indulged me. It was amazing.
Even though I didn't end up having a Disney wedding per se, I want to dedicate a blog post to it.

Of course my favorite location option is probably the Wedding Pavilion. Mainly because it's inside and I just know I'd probably be stressed in an outdoor situation. And it doesn't hurt that it has a gorgeous view of Cinderella Castle.

Of course I have to have the coach:

For the reception, the ultimate is in one of the theme parks themselves. However, on the website they're not showing the Magic Kingdom as an option. Hmph. If you're wanting indoors, obviously the Grand Floridian ballroom would be my pick. Come on, it's the Grand Floridian.

Disney also has a bridal gown collection from designer Kirstie Kelly. Each princess has several dresses in her collection, so here is one from each:

Sleeping Beauty (Aurora):

Snow White:



So there is my celebration of the marvelous Disney Wedding. I just love fairytales and Disney excellence. Have a magical day!

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Jordan said...

I am no where near getting married but I went through a phase where I would constantly look at their wedding website! I wasn't aware that they had dresses. I love Belle and would LOVE a wedding dress like hers. I will definately keep that in mind! : )