A Tribute

As all of you know, I am a Disney fanatic. I'm going to take a minute and tell everyone WHY. :)

-I love how when you are driving onto the Disney property, you KNOW you're there. The landscaping is suddenly meticulous, the colors are brighter, and you know you're entering another world.

-I love how you get on the monorail and the same message always comes on. Everytime.

-I love how my heart swells when I first walk into the Magic Kingdom. I am surrounded by early 1900's America, full of nostalgia and quiant buildings, but right in front of me is a medieval style castle.

-I love how there's a barbershop quartet singing, horses and carriages, and characters signing autographs.

-I love how everything is CLEAN. You rarely see messes, or anything else that's typical of a theme park. Why is this? The night crew at DisneyWorld repaints anything that is chipped, pulls dead leaves off of flowers, and dusts every single thing (including the rides) EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

-I love how every single person says "Have a magical day!" whenever you talk to them.

-I love how I know what's going to happen on every ride, but I get more and more enthusiastic everytime I go on them. Small World makes me tear up, Peter Pan's flight makes me feel like I'm flying, Philhar Magic wows me everytime, and I still cover my eyes at the beginning of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Oh, and the Haunted Mansion still scares me to death. It's the only haunted ANYTHING I go in, but I do it. Because Walt Disney invented it.

-I love how the shows are wonderful, magical, and exciting. I cried during the Coronation of Cinderella show, because all the Disney Princesses danced with their Prince when their theme song was played. I was instantly 5 years old again.

-I love how I discovered Epcot and Disney Hollywood Studios. For awhile, I was solely devoted to Magic Kingdom, but these parks are just simply amazing. You can sit in a square in Paris, eat in Mexico, and be romantic in Italy, all in one day. And the new ride "Soarin'" at Epcot is amazing. There's nothing like it.

-I love how no one can be grumpy at Disney World. I mean, are you really going to have a pouty attitude while getting your picture taken with Belle? NO. Are you going to sulk while you're riding Dumbo? NO.

-I love how my dad and I have an intense plan to do everything efficiently, and it works. We aren't psycho about it, but we also know what we're doing, unlike 90% of those who visit.

-I love how instrumental songs from all of my favorite movies are playing in the background.

-I love how when you eat in Cinderella's castle, it is so believable it's ridiculous.

-I love how, after all these years, I still cry when I leave. My family expects it, and I embrace it. It's just hard to leave a place that represents all of my favorite things in this world: Innocence, laughter, nostalgia, memories, different decades, beautiful music, and happiness.

Thank you, Walt :)


Tiffany said...

Awww! How sweet! This should be a nice new place/blog to visit:) Great idea! I'll be helpful when we decide to take our lil' ones to Disney. All the information will be in one place:) This blog deffinately needs a button!

Sonya said...

I'm so glad you started this blog! Even though I haven't been to Disney in years, I love reading about it and reliving my memories! I need to go get my albums out from my CP days and look through them again!

TLC said...

what a great blog! i just stumbled upon it thanks to a friend...and i have to say, i too still cry when i leave disney (and i'm almost 37 years old!).