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The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World
by Susan Veness is one of the newest Disney books on the shelf. This book shares secrets, little-known facts, and other interesting insights from Disney Imagineers.

I have really enjoyed the book so far. This would be a good book for those looking to get a little more meaning out of the parks. If you're new to Disney World, have small children, or just aren't a "details person," this wouldn't be quite as interesting. I already knew of some of the facts and secrets, but I'm learning lots of new things, too. The beauty of Disney is that you will always notice new details and have a different experience each time you visit.

This would be fun to read on the plane or car ride to Disney, to get in the Disney zone. It would also be a good tool to use to engage "I'm soooo too cool for this" teenagers.

Bottom Line: Interesting, fun, and light. Good read!

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Sonya said...

I'm going to have to look for this book! I worked at WDW in the fall of 2000 in the college internship! I loved it down there! I like reading about all the secrets and stuff:)